The Bigma and the Packer game

So, Paul "accidentally" bought tickets to the Green Bay Packer game against the Carolina Panthers. I couldn't really blame him, because he got them for face value. The game was at Lambeau on November 30, so it was a little cold, and the Panthers won, but it was still a lot of fun! I rented the "Bigma" (Sigma 50-500) to use and brought a monopod. They let me in to the stadium, but we had some security guys keeping a close eye on us during warm ups! Anyway, here are some of the photos I ended up with.

Rodgers, getting ready to run a play

Jennings' touchdown at the other end of the field

Not the best picture, but a great catch!

Halloween "babysitting"

Why hello again! I'm surprised that I'm already posting again - it hasn't even been a whole month this time!

Everything is so busy but also so not busy at the same time. I feel like I'm going crazy with work & meetings & of course football on the weekends, but I still have some time just to be at home, relaxing or editing photos or reading... Fortunately, I've had some photos to edit & I have some fun and exciting shoots coming up. Unfortunately, the Packers are having a very intense (and typically not good) season. I hated seeing them lose to the Vikings today!

On Halloween, Paul & I babysat one of our nephews, Kalyn. He's seven months old & crawling all over the place! He also pulls himself up on furniture. Trudy (Kalyn's mom) & I kind of turned this babysitting weekend into a photo shoot. She sent a few outfits & I just left my light set up in our computer room. It was pretty fun for me, but I don't think Kalyn felt the same way!

The ultimate Packer fan

Kalyn with brown background

Merry Christmas from Kalyn

Hopefully someday soon I'll be able to get some photos of our other nephews! I've also been waiting for Paul to consent to me taking a Christmas picture for us to send out... On that note, I now have greeting cards available on my site!

Fall weekends

Last week, I had a four-day weekend. It was great! I went to Glen Park in River Falls, WI and took engagement pictures for our friends, Jon & Kelley. It was a perfect day and we were at the park at the perfect time. They were even willing to get in the water (even though I got wetter than they did!).

On a bench

On a log

We also spent some time on the St. Croix River. There was a professional walleye fishing tournament going on, so Paul and his dad had to go out and see the pros. :c) We also attended the final weigh-in to see who won.

PWT fishermen

With the holidays coming up, I'm working on making cards more easily available on my site. Right now, you can order cards, but that isn't very obvious. In the future, you will still need to order cards through me rather than my site, but I will have a gallery that will make it easier for you and for me.

Oh! One more piece of fun news! Go to Yahoo and search for "engagement photos hudson wi"... look at the results... Guess who is number 3??!! Me! I was really excited, and a little confused, when I saw that. Unfortunately, I don't come up if you do the same search on Google.

Well, have a great week!

Swing among the stars

I'm back in the swing of things! School has started back up and I'm almost used to the early hours again. I'm spending my evenings doing as little as possible and my Sundays watching football. I'm ready for summer to be back. :c)

In more photography-related news, my husband and I made a trip down to Cambridge, WI to take some engagement pictures for a friend. (Congrats Jenna and Pete!) It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

Jenna & Pete

I also went to Menomonie to take see my brother-in-law and his wife and kids. I spent a little time watching their 4-year old play soccer and spent a lot of time playing with their 7-month old. I love babies! He really loved the camera!

Jordyn at Soccer


Well that's all for now. Hopefully it will be less than a month before I post again!

I know summer is over when...

...I've barely talked to anyone that doesn't work for St. Paul Public Schools since August. (sorry friends!)

...I fall asleep between 8:00 and 10:00 every night.

...I wear a jacket to work 4 out of 5 days in a week.

...The only thing I seem to have to talk about is work.

...The air is cool and crisp and the leaves start to change colors.

...Sundays are reserved for football. And Monday nights. And sometimes Saturday. Oh, and sometimes Thursday.

...My camera starts to spend more time in the bag.

Fall colors

Yes, I think summer has officially ended for me! Fortunately, going back to work hasn't been too bad. I spent a lot of time getting stuff ready for my room & I've finally started seeing students. I'm excited to take some engagement portraits for a friend as well as for my brother!! Things are good, and I absolutely LOVE fall. I just wish fall didn't mean I have to work all the time! :c)

GB trip: Monday (Part 3 of 3)

The last full day of the trip! AND the day of the game!

We spent the morning driving around and then relaxing and watching some more Olympics. Funny sign of the day: at a bakery on the marquee - "Homade Goodness." NOT "Homemade Goodness" but "Ho-made Goodness."

Around lunchtime, we got a call from my dad who was on his way to Green Bay for the game. Apparently, the staff at Nick's residential treatment place had called and asked him to take Nick to the doctor for his finger. They made an appointment for 3:15 - the tailgate party we had tickets to started at 4! My dad wanted to know if we could watch my other brother, Alonzo, while he took Nick to the doctor.

Around 3, we met my dad at Nick's and took Alonzo with us. We headed almost straight to the tailgate party. Alonzo ate some food (impressive for him!).

Paul, Alonzo & Me

Paul's phone rang around 5 & it was Nick. He was so excited to tell Paul that his finger was broken! Apparently, when Paul threw the ball it chipped the corner off of one of the bones. Nick got a splint and his hand wrapped in "green for the Packers."

Nick & Paul

We met my dad & Nick at Lambeau before the game. We watched warm ups and then, of course, the game.

Harris & Johnson


The game was a lot of fun, even though the Packers lost. To see more pictures, go to

GB trip: Sunday (Part 2 of 3)

After our long day of driving and excitement on Saturday, we took Sunday a little bit easier. At Paul's aunt & uncle's house, Sunday is "pancake day." We got up a little late and spent the morning with Paul's uncle and their son, eating pancakes and talking. Then, Paul went golfing with his aunt and uncle while I went to the mall and spent a bunch of time at Barnes & Noble. Pretty soon after they got back, we had to leave to visit Nick at his new residential treatment place. Just like Paul's aunt & uncle said, it took about 10 minutes to get there.

Nick had tons of stuff planned for us! Paul brought a couple of footballs at Nick's request, and they spent the first 45 minutes or so throwing them around. Paul jammed Nick's finger & Nick went through his usual protests ("Ow, it hurts" "It bent back really far" "I think the cartilage is building up"), but after a little bit of complaining - abbreviated for our benefit - they kept tossing the ball around. Paul decided they needed a break so they came and sat in the shade with me. That's when I looked at Nick's finger & saw that it was really swollen. We decided to get some ice. Nick wanted to take the ice back outside, but we convinced him to sit inside and ice his finger for about 15 minutes. Then he insisted on going back outside to play volleyball. We had a great time exercising for two hours with Nick. :c)

Tired, we went "home" to a delicious supper of homemade fettuccine alfredo and garlic bread. YUM! Oh, and watched the Olympics.

GB trip: Saturday (Part 1 of 3)

On Saturday, August 8, Paul & I headed out to Green Bay. We got to the Green Bay Packers training camp about an hour & a half before practice was scheduled to start. We took a quick walk along the practice field - where people were already in the bleachers & the entire fence was lined with foldable chairs "saving" spots - to find somewhere to get some lunch. We got back & decided to watch the players head over to the practice field.

A little while before practice, a staff member asked all of the kids who were waiting with bikes to come inside the fenced-in area by Lambeau. The players then came out & chose a kid. The player rode the bike to the practice field while the kid ran (or rollerbladed) along with them, carrying their helmet.

Riding a bike

When we got to the practice field, we could barely even see. There were SO many people. (not a great picture, but as close as we could get)

Busy practice

We decided to wait by Lambeau to see if Paul could get any autographs after practice. The players rode the bikes back & did sign some autographs. Unfortunately, it was really crazy and busy and everyone was very pushy, of course. Paul got Matt Flynn's autograph on his NFL ball.

Matt Flynn

We spent the weekend at Paul's aunt & uncle's house. They were great and helped us find some fun things to do. We ended up going to Curly's Pub in Lambeau for supper Saturday night. We sat by a window over looking the fenced and gated player parking. While we were eating, Paul noticed that there was a kid out there, waiting for players to drive out. Some of the players were actually pulling over! Paul decided to head down there after we ate and risk being a little "stalker-ish" but not pushy.

We sat down there & some of the players did, in fact, pull over. Paul got a couple of coaches' autographs, Will Blackmon's, and some other players. Then this family came and sat down, but they didn't seem to want any autographs. They saw Donald Driver walk to his Hummer & started yelling. At that point, Paul & I were both thinking, "Great, he's not going to stop now." The mom of the family stood at the end of the bike rack and waved while Driver drove out. Suddenly, we noticed that he was slowing down. The mom went right up to his window and they were talking about their kids. Paul was totally starstruck & just stood there until the daughter told him to go up. Driver stayed and talked (and signed Paul's ball) for quite a while. It turns out that the family have been huge fans since his rookie year, so they kind of know him. We stayed while the family left & tried to get some more autographs. At one point, Paul recognized KGB in one of the cars...he drove right on past. But right away this huge truck pulls up. Scott Wells signed the ball, pointed & said, "That was KGB. That was rude." :c) Too funny!

Well, after all of the excitement of getting autographs, we went "home" and watched the Olympics. Paul couldn't sit still! I'm planning on taking some good documentation-type photos of Paul's ball and I'll post those when I have a chance.


Wow... summer has been crazy! I thought that I would have nothing to do, other than work 20 hours per week. Well, I was right. But that left me with a lot of time to take pictures which, in turn, left me with a lot of pictures to edit. I can't believe that the summer is half over (do I really have to go back to work full-time?) but in terms of photo-taking opportunities, the best is yet to come.

So far this summer, I've taken a lot of random pictures... family pictures of my family & Paul's to the zoo...River Falls Days...a trip up North...I even tried to take pictures at Valleyfair, but they said I couldn't have my camera on the rides! the next month or so... oh I'm excited!! The Kansas City Chiefs return to RF for training camp next week & I always find time to go take some pictures there. (plus I'm working with my brother Alonzo & he loves football!) We're going to the Packers preseason game against the Bengals. And, for the first time, we're going down early to go to one of their training camps. Then we have the Renaissance Festival!

So it turns out this last month (plus some) before school starts again is going to be... well, let's just say not boring. Lots of time and subjects for photos! But when am I ever going to find the time to edit all of these pictures??

In happier, more fun news...

I recently bought an AlienBees lighting kit. I'm going to be taking pictures at the school carnival for the school that I work at and was planning on buying the materials for a "do-it-yourself" lighting setup (worklights). I told my husband about my plan & he said, "Why don't you buy a real lighting kit? I wasn't going to pass up that offer! I bought a Beginner Bee Kit, which is one light, light stand, and umbrella, with a B400 light. So far I've been very impressed but I have much more to learn! I think (almost) everyone is getting tired of me taking their pictures...

Oliver posed for me a few times... -->

<-- So did Paul....
And I took some pictures of my brother- and sister-in-law and the newest addition to their family.

As always, you can see more at my website, which I recently redesigned. It was a lot of work for me for a few small changes - see if you can find them!

Dear Lindsay,

I wasn’t ready. I don’t think I could have ever been completely ready, but maybe I should have been more prepared.
I’m going to miss you so much. I already do. I can’t believe I will never get another email from you. I can’t believe I will never get to look at more of your beautiful pictures. I can’t believe you’re gone.

You were amazingly strong. You worked so hard but still kept your spirits up. Your personality shined through your whole life. Even at the worst times, you found something fun, or funny, or at least something to keep you happy. You touched so many lives. I know I’m a better person for having known you and so are many others, I’m sure.

You’ll be forever in my heart.

New things

Well, there have been some new things in the lives of those around me & in my own, even just since my last post (although that was almost a month ago!).

First, my brother-in-law & his wife had a baby, their third boy. He was born on March 18. He's adorable & I finally got Paul over to see him! I took some pictures on the 18th... here's one just for fun, but there are more on my site.

Second (and less importantly), I got a new camera. It's the Nikon D200. Since I sold my D50 to my uncle & didn't want to leave him without any lenses, I also got new lenses. I still wasn't able to spend real $ and get good lenses (since I needed a camera body too!), but I'm really happy with what I got. The one I am most impressed with is the Nikon 18-70 that is the kit lens with the D70, I think. It's so much nicer than the 18-55 that came with the D50. You can't really tell with this photo, but I was absolutely amazed with how sharp Oliver's eye is!

Well, thanks for reading & hopefully it won't take so long for me to post next time. I am (sadly) off to bed. Last day of spring break y'know, and I've got to rest up for work tomorrow!

Moving, Brett, and Projects

Wow, a lot has happened since I last posted. And, surprisingly, it hasn't been that long!

First, Paul and I moved. We're now renting a very nice townhome in Hudson, WI. It's way bigger than our apartment was and we have a garage and washer & dryer! I have some pictures, but they aren't that great & I haven't uploaded them yet.

Second, Brett Favre retired. Okay, so it's not really something that happened to me, but everyone's been talking about it. Except at my school, because I work in MN. No one cares there. Next season's going to be tough and a little sad without Favre, but it'll also be exciting to see how it goes.

And last... I finally finished uploading my grandparents' pictures to Flickr. Right now, they're only available to friends & family, so to see them you'll have to add us (ebbenfamilyphotos). Here's another quick preview.

Hudson Hot Air Affair

Every year, in February, Hudson (WI) holds the Hot Air Affair. There are tons of events that happen - a parade, hot air balloon launches, etc. The one that I always try to make it to is the "Moonglow." It takes place at night and consists of a bunch of balloons being blown up and then lit at the same time. Unfortunately, every time I've gone, it's been too windy to actually blow up the balloons and I've just gotten to see fire.
Finally, this year, the weather cooperated for the Moonglow! It was so much fun. I took some pictures and put them up on my site.

I found this to be a really hard event to take pictures at, both because of the conditions and because I hadn't really seen it before. Keep your eye open for next year's Hudson Hot Air Affair - it's a lot of fun!

Completed photo project!

My grandmother passed away on December 26, 2007. My cousin (Marina) had a wonderful idea - to scan most of my grandma's pictures. I just finished scanning...almost 715 pictures! It was really fun and we're excited to get them online. Right now you can see a few at my website and in the next week or two we should have them up on flickr as well.

Happy Birthday Nick!

My brother Nick turned 15 on January 19. Wow, he's old! Anyway, to celebrate, we went to Monster Jam in Minneapolis, MN. Unfortunately, Nick didn't make it home because of his behavior, but I took plenty of pictures for him. You can see more at my photo site. :c)

A new blog!

So... I've never really had a blog before. But I'm sitting at home, with my dog on my lap, bored with nothing to do. Plus it's a good way to promote my photography, right? (by the way, here's my site: K. Krasin Photography.)

Now that we got that shameless self-promotion out of the way, look at my adorable dog, Oliver!