In happier, more fun news...

I recently bought an AlienBees lighting kit. I'm going to be taking pictures at the school carnival for the school that I work at and was planning on buying the materials for a "do-it-yourself" lighting setup (worklights). I told my husband about my plan & he said, "Why don't you buy a real lighting kit? I wasn't going to pass up that offer! I bought a Beginner Bee Kit, which is one light, light stand, and umbrella, with a B400 light. So far I've been very impressed but I have much more to learn! I think (almost) everyone is getting tired of me taking their pictures...

Oliver posed for me a few times... -->

<-- So did Paul....
And I took some pictures of my brother- and sister-in-law and the newest addition to their family.

As always, you can see more at my website, which I recently redesigned. It was a lot of work for me for a few small changes - see if you can find them!

Dear Lindsay,

I wasn’t ready. I don’t think I could have ever been completely ready, but maybe I should have been more prepared.
I’m going to miss you so much. I already do. I can’t believe I will never get another email from you. I can’t believe I will never get to look at more of your beautiful pictures. I can’t believe you’re gone.

You were amazingly strong. You worked so hard but still kept your spirits up. Your personality shined through your whole life. Even at the worst times, you found something fun, or funny, or at least something to keep you happy. You touched so many lives. I know I’m a better person for having known you and so are many others, I’m sure.

You’ll be forever in my heart.