Dylan {Red Wing Newborn}

Last week I met another little baby - Dylan. Dylan was just over two weeks old and was adorable. He definitely didn't want to sleep - which sounds just like the last few newborns I've photographed. He's the first one to fall asleep while I was taking my portable studio down though. :) Between mom and dad and two big brothers, I know that Dylan will be extremely loved!

Twins 1
Twins 2
Mom + Dad
Little Feet

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Amelia Marie {Chippewa Falls Newborn}

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to head over (up?) to Chippewa Falls, WI to take pictures of a beautiful baby girl!

Amelia Marie was born on December 23rd and is absolutely perfect! She really didn't want to sleep while I was there, but she took a few brief "naps" - apparently our choices of headbands and use of the Boppy pillow for posing were not to her liking! :) She did so great for such a little girl & we got some adorable pictures!

Luke & Jess - thank you for letting me come destroy your living room! :) You were super patient even when a lot of our time was spent waiting. Amelia really is perfect & I can't wait to see (or take? ;) ) pictures as she grows up!

Told you she didn't want to sleep! 

Open Eyes





Rings and Bear

 She's a true Packer fan already!


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Let's Play Favorites!

2011 has been a great year!  Lots of portraits, a few weddings, and tons of fun!  I hope you all had a great 2011 and I can't wait to see what 2012 holds for all of us!  :)

Happy New Year!