Happy New Year!

5...4...3...2...1...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Okay, not quite yet.  I hope all of you find yourselves happy & safe this New Year's Eve!  Looking back over the past year, I know I've been very lucky but I also know some things will be even better in 2011.  Once again, it's time to look back at accomplishments of the past year and think about goals and dreams for the new year. 

I've put together a slideshow (shorter this time!) of my favorite (not best!) photos of 2010.  Everything from landscapes to flowers to engagements & weddings... all the ones I like the best!  I hope you enjoy!


In Memory

It's surprising how quickly you start to miss someone once they're gone.  Although, in this case, I think I started missing him long ago, when his memory and awareness began to fade.  My grandpa was a quiet man but even with his silence, no one needed to question his love.

Grandpa 1

Grandpa - 90

Crossword puzzles, sports, playing cards.  Visions of my grandpa and family.  An impressive life worth remembering.

Grandma & Grandpa 1

Grandma & Grandpa 2

We miss you so much already Grandpa.  You taught your children the things they needed to know to be successful in life.  I hope you are happy and at peace, with Grandma again.

Sneak Peek: Beth and Aaron Are Married!

December 11th, 2010 brought the fifth biggest storm seen in the Twin Cities - 17.5"!  It also brought a great (maybe a little bit crazy) outdoor wedding at Mississippi Dunes Golf Course.

Beth and Aaron chose to be married outside in December...in Minnesota...because Aaron had spent the previous winter in Afghanistan.  Beth hoped for snow, but I don't think she expected a blizzard!

I don't think anyone could say everything went off without a hitch - I don't know what you can expect when cars are being abandoned because people can't make it through the snow - but everything was beautiful.

We had a great time with you guys - I can't believe you kept your ceremony outside and actually wanted to do outdoor pictures afterward!  I hope you're enjoying some time inside (maybe with hot chocolate?) - I don't know, is it any warmer in Ohio?  :c)

Beth and her bridal party got ready at the golf course, after getting their hair and makeup done

Getting Ready

I love that Beth and Aaron did a "First Look" - it makes it so much easier to get lots of great photos.

First Look

Yes, they really got married outside - blowing snow and all!


End of Ceremony

Outdoor photos? Are you sure?!? We even asked everyone to "pretend" to be cold!

Outdoor Photos

Aaron and Beth

Yeah, Aaron and Beth are kind of a big deal. KARE 11 was at the wedding - it aired on the 10 o'clock news that night. Hopefully I'll end up with a video to post!


Beth wanted to throw snow in the air to "pretend" it was snowing...can anyone guess what happened next? :c)


We warmed up with a lot of dancing and fun at the reception!


See more here. You will need a password from Beth and Aaron to view the photos!