New Design

Wow! I missed all of January?!? How did that happen?

Well, despite the fact that I haven't posted here since mid-December, I will be (trying to) get back in the habit. I have a lot of photos to get up on here - from Christmas, Monster Jam, babysitting, the Hot Air Affair... and possibly some other things as well! I guess I have an excuse - I've been busy. I really didn't think I had been, until I looked at that list.

Well, the real purpose of this post - I redesigned my website. It isn't completely different, but I've added some things and I'll be continuing to add more. The navigation bar has moved - it's at the bottom on the homepage & top right on the rest of the pages. There are two areas with galleries; one has only weddings & portraits and the other has all of my other pictures. Also, there is a link on the homepage to receive updates by email. If you subscribe, you will receive one email with all of my photos, but after that you will only get emails if I upload new pictures. What a great way to keep up with the pictures I have online! :c)

I will soon be adding a couple pages with pricing and services. I haven't had a chance to create those yet, so keep your eyes open! Smugmug has partnered with a new professional lab, Bay Photo. The prints are slightly more expensive, but they are better quality & are color corrected by hand at the lab. All of my galleries are now set to provide these professional prints. If you are really not interested in the extra quality, let me know - I can always switch it back.

Well, I think those are all the major updates. I promise to post again soon, and include pictures!