Happy New Year! {2015 Favorites}

2015 has been a great year - weddings, portraits, travel... I accepted a new position at my day job, we sold & bought a house, and we spent almost two weeks in Alaska. My hope is to be able to say the same in December 2016, to talk about what a great year it's been. That is my only "resolution" this year - to have a wonderful 2016!
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. - Albert Einstein

Connor is 1! {Osceola, WI One Year and Family Portraits}

It was so fun to see how much Alaina and Connor had grown since last time we had done portraits with them! After a tour of their new house, we got to "work" taking some portraits - first inside, then outside in the yard (where there was enough snow to give an impression of winter).

How could you not smile when you see this cutie?!
So Big

This one too! :)
Dark Lights
Bright Lights
We got some family photos inside and outside to show off the new house!
Indoor Family
Outdoor Family Vertical
Outdoor Family Horizontal
Portraits of Connor in the snow...
In the Snow
In the Snow 2
...may have devolved into a fun snowball fight!
Snowball Fight

See more - coming soon!