Westside Elementary School Musical {Shoot 52! :: Week 7}

February is turning out to be the craziest month ever! This week, we volunteered at the Westside Elementary School musical with my mother-in-law. We recorded the performances on video and did character portraits before one performance as a fundraiser. This year, the musical was The Lion King and it was tons of fun! The students did a wonderful job! Of course, I've spent the weekend processing portraits & putting all my video together into movies. :) Now I have all of The Lion King songs in my head (which is NOT a bad thing!)...

Clearly {Shoot 52! :: Week 6}

This week ended up being pretty busy, but the free time I did have...I spent reading!


Amelia is 2! {Child & Family Portraits :: River Falls, WI}

I first met Amelia when she was just a teeny tiny newborn and saw her again when she turned one. This year, she was back in the studio & now she's two! What an adorable little girl & perfect for her pictures!



This is how Amelia thought the family portrait should look!




Black and White

Money 1

Money 2

By the time we finished, everyone was a little tired... :)
Family Vertical


See more - coming soon!

Empty {Shoot 52! :: Week 5}

A little late, but my Shoot 52! post for this week...how unsettling it is to be in a school when there are no students! It's very weird - and very quiet and calm! :) Far too often lately our schools have been empty, so here's to a warmer (but not snowy) February!