Sneak Peek: Brooklynn is 6 months old!

It's hard to believe that Brooklynn is already 6 months old... it seems like just yesterday that I got to meet her & take her newborn portraits!

All too soon it seemed, I headed over to Andrea & Travis's new house to set up and shoot some portraits. We had lots of fun and changed Brooklynn lots of times into all kinds of cute outfits. She wasn't quite in a modeling mood and we had to work hard for every smile - but it was so worth it!

Brooke started out in a pretty good mood...

Green Outfit #1

She really, really wanted to chew on her foot!

Green Outfit #2

In the basket

She wasn't so sure about her Easter dress...

Easter dress

Pink Boa

Maybe a small smile?? Oh, a huge laugh! ADORABLE!

Smile to laugh

Those are my favorites so far... I have lots more to edit! Thank you for letting me be a part of documenting your memories of Brooklynn growing up, Travis & Andrea!

Bald Eagles on the Mississippi

Every spring, my husband and I make several fishing trips to the Mississippi. Well, he fishes...I just read and take pictures! The area where Paul likes to fish (we launch at Everts Fishing Resort) is chock full of bald eagles. It's amazing to see them all - at least five every trip!

I'll be the first to admit that birds (especially birds in flight) are not my strong suit. But there's no resisting when there are so many! I had tons of fun taking these photos and I think I got at least a few keepers.

Bald Eagles in flight

More eagles in flight

Bald Eagles in the trees

There were also, of course, fish & nature pictures!

Fishing & Nature

These two are possibly my favorites of both trips!

Bald eagle in red tree

Happy Friday!