River Falls Senior: Shane

In December, I photographed an awesome outdoor wedding in a blizzard. Recently, this family contacted me again - this time about senior photos for one of their other children. We scheduled our session quite a while back and everyone was excited to get together. Well, everyone except Shane. :) Actually, we started at his home then did some indoor studio portraits and continued on to Glen Park and the high school to grab our last shots. As you can imagine, this was a long process, and he did great! We planned it out so well, we even managed to get home before the Packer game started!

Here are a few of my favorites from the afternoon.



Glen Park




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Strusz Family Take #2

We planned to do outdoor portraits sometime after we finished indoor portraits. We eventually planned to head to Mears Park in St. Paul during October. Although the weather report indicated there was a decent chance of rain, the day ended up being gorgeous! Unfortunately, we got to Mears Park to find out that there was a Zombie Pub Crawl going on & there was a block party in the park. Once we knew we needed a ticket/wristband to get in, we decided to head somewhere else in the city - Harriet Island!

Even though we had to make a last-minute location change, everything turned out great! We had fun and there was a playground close by for Eli! It was great to see you guys again - thanks for letting me snap some more photos. :)


Sneak Peek: Liz & Andy e-Pics

We've had some amazing fall colors here in Wisconsin this year - the best they've been in a while. Although the weather feels more like summer right now, it's so pretty that I'm using any excuse I can to spend some time outside!

Last weekend, we took a drive to a state park to take engagement pictures for Liz and Andy. We had a great time walking through the park with frequent photo stops. It was much busier than I'd expected - possibly because it was an extremely nice day! You might recognize the park...we may have had a slight "run-in" with the "law" so I'm not linking to the park's page this time around. :)  (apparently, you need a permit to take paid portraits on state land...)

Liz and Andy - I hope you had a great time with us at the park! We certainly had a fun day! I can't wait for your wedding this December... I just know it'll be beautiful & snowy (but just enough snow, not too much)! :)

Here are some of my favorites!



Zoom lens




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