Thanksgiving already?! {Shoot 52 :: Weeks ... 26-47}

I have SO MANY pictures to share with you since June!  Some are "boring," day-to-day life pictures and some are more exciting.  (some of the more exciting ones might get their own posts later :) ) I can't believe there are only 5 weeks or so left of the year!

I don't even remember what this is from but this is Alonzo. I love how he decided to wear his hat!

At the end of June, we went on a short cruise which stopped in Honduras. So fun! (yes, this one will get it's own post) Cruise

I love seeing my pictures printed - usually in people's homes. But the pictures I took of the River Falls Royal Ambassadors were posted in a local business window! So cool! (sorry for the not-so-great cell phone picture) RF Ambassadors

In July, we went to see our nephew, Noah, play soccer & got to play with our niece, Adley too! Noah Adley

We started drinking tea this summer - yum! My favorite right now is Spiced Apple Cider Rooibos from Teavana.

Oliver, our dog, has a heart murmur so we've been trying to keep him in shape with walks - more so in the summer than now that it's cooled off! He doesn't deal well when I stop for pictures. :)

Nothing ever has my name - but Coke did!

 Every summer, we spend a week up north at my husband, Paul's relatives' cabin. (another one that will get it's own post) Up North

(our nephew, Kalyn, loves the boat) Kalyn Boat

We got Oliver a blanket for Christmas last year. I think it's safe to say he likes it. :)
  Oliver Blanket

Packers Training Camp in Green Bay is always a nice break in the summer too - this time we drove up through Door County too (another separate post!) Lake Michigan

 At the beginning of the year, I was mentioning to Paul that I might need to bring my label maker to school...until I opened the drawer! Label makers

I moved to a new school this fall - here's a before & after of my room! Room Before Room After

My birthday was in September - I got awesome office supplies from work & my favorite purse and wallet from Paul! Office Supplies Purse

 A beautiful double rainbow! Double Rainbow

I took pictures at my school district's annual 5K... District 5K

I love Tonic Sol Fa. They had an amazing free concert on the UW-River Falls campus and even chatted with my brother Nick after the show. Tonic Sol Fa TSF + Nick

Fall=apple orchard! We love to go to Circle K Orchard and pick some Honeycrisp and Fireside apples.
Apple Tree

 Oliver likes to think he's a prince...
Prince Oliver

 Paul and I took Alonzo to Mall of America for the MN Walk Now for Autism Speaks. Alonzo liked the walk, but liked the rollercoaster (x4) even more! Our team

Fall came in strong this year with gorgeous colors!

 This is what I come home to...oh, Oliver...
Donut Hole

My favorite way to spend the evening - with a lap full of Oliver and my Kindle! Reading

On Sunday, we went to the Packers vs. Eagles game. We were lucky and were out of the wind, so we weren't too cold. (more pics later!)

M Family {River Falls, WI Family Portraits}

The colorful leaves may be gone but fall is still here...or at least it was last week! We may have snow now, but we managed to fit in one last fall portrait session with the M family. Everyone got in on the pose & location ideas and we got some great shots! We even had some fun. ;)

Laugh + Sass
Yellow Grass
Grass + Water

I love this one!
Stand on Bridge
Girls on Bridge
Parents on Bridge
Green Trees

...And a couple just for fun!

See more - coming soon!

D + S {River Falls, WI Lifestyle Portraits}

With the opportunities for colorful fall leaves quickly disappearing, we managed to fit in one more quick session with Donnie & Shaunte!

I love doing pictures "just because," but it doesn't happen very often. We took a short walk through the park and ended our time with dinner at Mariachi Loco in River Falls - yum! :)

Yellow Tree
Bridge Hug
On the Bridge

❤ ❤ ❤
Sit on Bridge

See more - coming soon!