Monday, October 16, 2017

Elias William | River Falls, WI Newborn Portraits

I was so excited to meet Elias after knowing his parents for years! This little (okay, maybe not so little) guy is absolutely adorable and did such a great job for his first portrait session! Congratulations, Shaunte & Donnie! Baby Face
Mom and baby
Top of head
Little hunter
Arched tummy
On blue
Crate from above
Heart around feet
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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Wegge Family 2017 | River Falls, WI Family Portraits

I first got to know the Wegge family when we did some early morning portraits last year. This year, we decided to try the evening. With gorgeous valley views, there are a ton of location options in a small space! After a full day of rain, we lucked out with a couple of hours of sun before sunset.

I'd been warned - Tanner is older, but that didn't mean he would pose for pictures! He still did a great job and we had fun running around the yard. :)

Mom and Dad
Add Tanner
Run to Dad
With Oso
Over the shoulder
Close up
Pick up
Get ready...
Bye Tanner
The house
Sun and Leaves
On the Rock
One last mom and dad
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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Nick & Michelle {Hudson, WI Engagement Portraits}

We kept a close eye on the weather as our scheduled session approached. Rain was in the forecast and it didn't seem to be changing. As the day inched closer, it looked like there would be a lower chance of rain at the time of our session but still a chance. Luckily, Nick and Michelle were up for going ahead with their engagement portraits & bringing an umbrella just in case!

We were fortunate and missed out on any real rain - and had great lighting to boot! We had a great time at Willow River State Park, walking through the prairie that used to be water and reminiscing. Congratulations, Nick & Michelle!

Ring and Leaves
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Walker Family {River Falls, WI Family Portraits}

Another beautiful September evening=another fabulous photo session! I had such a great time meeting up with Emily and her family along with all the littles. :) We played with a kitty (I think it may have been the first time I had a cat on my head to get the kids' attention!) and horses. So fun! Family
Cousins 2
Grandparents 2
Thorson Family
Cooper & Finley
Velure Family
Greyson & Emerson
Cousins with Horses
Brother and Sister
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