Halloween "babysitting"

Why hello again! I'm surprised that I'm already posting again - it hasn't even been a whole month this time!

Everything is so busy but also so not busy at the same time. I feel like I'm going crazy with work & meetings & of course football on the weekends, but I still have some time just to be at home, relaxing or editing photos or reading... Fortunately, I've had some photos to edit & I have some fun and exciting shoots coming up. Unfortunately, the Packers are having a very intense (and typically not good) season. I hated seeing them lose to the Vikings today!

On Halloween, Paul & I babysat one of our nephews, Kalyn. He's seven months old & crawling all over the place! He also pulls himself up on furniture. Trudy (Kalyn's mom) & I kind of turned this babysitting weekend into a photo shoot. She sent a few outfits & I just left my light set up in our computer room. It was pretty fun for me, but I don't think Kalyn felt the same way!

The ultimate Packer fan

Kalyn with brown background

Merry Christmas from Kalyn

Hopefully someday soon I'll be able to get some photos of our other nephews! I've also been waiting for Paul to consent to me taking a Christmas picture for us to send out... On that note, I now have greeting cards available on my site!