Bransford Family | Stillwater, MN Family Portraits

Sara & Bo were used to feeling like celebrities - but it was a new experience for me! That's what happens when you make your way around town with 5 adorable, teensy dogs. (if you think mine is little, just wait until you see these pups!) They all did great and we're all pretty lucky that one didn't accidentally end up coming home with me... :)
In front of the river
Zoomed out
Puppies on ground
Bench and brick
On the leash
Black and white
Ozzy and Missy
Betty Bug and Willy

Holiday Mini Sessions 2017 | River Falls, WI Studio Portrait Sessions

Year 2 of mini sessions was a huge success! My photography assistant, Maisie, was a huge help setting the lights (maybe less so during the sessions...) and we had so much fun both days!

What makes a mini session different? Well, rather than a full 1-2 hour session with multiple location, backdrop, or outfit options, we spend 15-20 minutes in studio with a styled set. This is ideal for families who just need a few themed pictures (in this case, especially for holiday cards). It may also be good for those who would rather do a few small sessions than one longer session. To me, it falls between a standard photo studio session at a big box store and a full-blown portrait session. Of course, with minis, your portraits are more limited than in a full session and you have to be okay with the theme! :)

During our sessions, we had a ton of fun! We read about how to catch Santa, wrote a quick note to Santa, had a snowball fight, blew (or threw) snow, and had cookies. I can't wait to do it again next year - or maybe even before then!
Andracek and Finn

N'diaye Family 2017 | Minneapolis, MN Family Portraits

While winter weather hasn't really arrived in Wisconsin yet this year, it is definitely near enough that we can't plan for outside to be comfortable for a photo session. (side note: I love winter sessions and would love to see you for one - you just have to be prepared for the cold!) Luckily, there are a few indoor places in the area that allow portrait sessions and are beautiful! I met Shannon, Simbo and their family at the Guthrie Theater for a fun indoor session. We had to work around their current shows, but we had a great time!
The Kids Individual
The Kids Together
Amber Room B&W
Mom & Dad
Amber Room Wide
Amber Room Laugh
Red Couch Family
Blue Hall
Stone Arch Bridge
Outside Blue Wall
Comfy Chairs

Langevin Family 2017 | Farmington, MN Family Portraits

Each year, I have the delight to have a portrait session with MaryAlice and her family. She always has a new location in mind and it's always perfect! We had so much fun this year at the Dakota County Fairgrounds. It was pretty chilly and we even got some misty rain, but everyone did such a great job anyway! Red
*note: these are not train tracks (live or dead) that continue - simply for show! Tracks
Wood standing
Wood sitting
Walking through trees
Thankful and Bryce
Front porch lean
Front porch sit
Leaf throw
Leaf sit
Thankful walk
Boys and Mom
Family White
Mom and Dad