Wow... summer has been crazy! I thought that I would have nothing to do, other than work 20 hours per week. Well, I was right. But that left me with a lot of time to take pictures which, in turn, left me with a lot of pictures to edit. I can't believe that the summer is half over (do I really have to go back to work full-time?) but in terms of photo-taking opportunities, the best is yet to come.

So far this summer, I've taken a lot of random pictures... family pictures of my family & Paul's to the zoo...River Falls Days...a trip up North...I even tried to take pictures at Valleyfair, but they said I couldn't have my camera on the rides! the next month or so... oh I'm excited!! The Kansas City Chiefs return to RF for training camp next week & I always find time to go take some pictures there. (plus I'm working with my brother Alonzo & he loves football!) We're going to the Packers preseason game against the Bengals. And, for the first time, we're going down early to go to one of their training camps. Then we have the Renaissance Festival!

So it turns out this last month (plus some) before school starts again is going to be... well, let's just say not boring. Lots of time and subjects for photos! But when am I ever going to find the time to edit all of these pictures??

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