Langevin Family {St. Paul, MN Family Portraits}

I had the opportunity to meet up with MaryAlice and her family a couple of years ago for family portraits. This year, we went to Rice Park in St. Paul and were able to find lots of different spots for pictures! Luckily, since one of us was very, very hungry, the "reward" for making it through pictures was a nice dinner out. :) It was great to see everyone again and we had a great time walking around the area & discovering beautiful urban backdrops!
  Family Fountain
Smaller Group Fountain
Walking and Marble
Mom + Grandma + Boys
Fall Colors
Mom and Dad
Show me how you really feel about being done with pictures...can you tell who was hungry?
How do you feel

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Wegge Family {River Falls, WI Family Portraits}

With the sun shining over the valley, Tanner quickly got over any hesitation he had with this random new person with a camera. I can't get over how beautiful this location is - can you imagine living here?! It was so great to meet Rachelle, Ross, and Tanner. Tanner may not have been so interested in having his picture taken, but I think we definitely captured his personality. ;)
Zoomed out
Kisses and wiggles
"All I wanna do is run"
The first one in this set cracks me up... :)
Mom and Dad
Boy and dog
With the dog

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Willenbring Family 2016 {River Falls, WI Family Portraits}

In west central Wisconsin, we're just past peak for fall colors. The Willenbring family managed to schedule their portrait session at exactly the right time to hit the perfect fall ambiance! During the session, we discussed how long we had been doing sessions together...I looked back and realized that this is our 8th year of sessions - our first was in 2009! I've been so lucky to watch the kids grow up and document their family as it's grown.

Like always, we started out with some fun (which continued through the session - with 3 boys, it's all fun! :) )
Family Race
On the bridge
All the boys
Mom and Dad
Nice smiles+funny face
We ended with fun too!

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Welcome Cody! {Cottage Grove, MN Newborn Portraits}

I can't get over all of these cute little kiddos I'm getting to take pictures of! I've had the opportunity to take newborn portraits for both of Cody's big sisters and I was so excited to get to meet Cody as well! He may not have been sleepy for the whole session, but he did great. His big sisters were so happy to help and love their little brother so much!

Sleepy Baby
All Wrapped Up
Crate + Green
From Above
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Kaylee is 1! {Lino Lakes, MN One-Year Portraits}

I can't believe Kaylee is already almost one! I first met Kaylee when she was a newborn and she has grown so quickly! We took the opportunity to take some family portraits while we were out on this beautiful fall evening as well.

Little Girl
Police Officer
Balloons and Chair
Balloons Again
Bridge Again

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Jeff & Samantha are Getting Married! {Red Wing, MN Engagement Portraits}

On a perfect night, I met Samantha, Jeff & their family in Red Wing, MN to get some portraits of the two of them as well as of their whole family. We decided on a couple locations, both gorgeous! We had a great time walking and taking pictures...until we stirred up about a million mosquitoes! After a couple more poses, we were ready to go home. ;)

Thanks for braving the bugs and I hope you still had a fun time!

Take a Walk
Meghan felt like she needed to be in most of the pictures too!
With the Kid
Holding Hands
I'm having some mosquito flashbacks with this one!
Barn Love
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