Happy New Year!

5...4...3...2...1...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Okay, not quite yet.  I hope all of you find yourselves happy & safe this New Year's Eve!  Looking back over the past year, I know I've been very lucky but I also know some things will be even better in 2011.  Once again, it's time to look back at accomplishments of the past year and think about goals and dreams for the new year. 

I've put together a slideshow (shorter this time!) of my favorite (not best!) photos of 2010.  Everything from landscapes to flowers to engagements & weddings... all the ones I like the best!  I hope you enjoy!


In Memory

It's surprising how quickly you start to miss someone once they're gone.  Although, in this case, I think I started missing him long ago, when his memory and awareness began to fade.  My grandpa was a quiet man but even with his silence, no one needed to question his love.

Grandpa 1

Grandpa - 90

Crossword puzzles, sports, playing cards.  Visions of my grandpa and family.  An impressive life worth remembering.

Grandma & Grandpa 1

Grandma & Grandpa 2

We miss you so much already Grandpa.  You taught your children the things they needed to know to be successful in life.  I hope you are happy and at peace, with Grandma again.

Sneak Peek: Beth and Aaron Are Married!

December 11th, 2010 brought the fifth biggest storm seen in the Twin Cities - 17.5"!  It also brought a great (maybe a little bit crazy) outdoor wedding at Mississippi Dunes Golf Course.

Beth and Aaron chose to be married outside in December...in Minnesota...because Aaron had spent the previous winter in Afghanistan.  Beth hoped for snow, but I don't think she expected a blizzard!

I don't think anyone could say everything went off without a hitch - I don't know what you can expect when cars are being abandoned because people can't make it through the snow - but everything was beautiful.

We had a great time with you guys - I can't believe you kept your ceremony outside and actually wanted to do outdoor pictures afterward!  I hope you're enjoying some time inside (maybe with hot chocolate?) - I don't know, is it any warmer in Ohio?  :c)

Beth and her bridal party got ready at the golf course, after getting their hair and makeup done

Getting Ready

I love that Beth and Aaron did a "First Look" - it makes it so much easier to get lots of great photos.

First Look

Yes, they really got married outside - blowing snow and all!


End of Ceremony

Outdoor photos? Are you sure?!? We even asked everyone to "pretend" to be cold!

Outdoor Photos

Aaron and Beth

Yeah, Aaron and Beth are kind of a big deal. KARE 11 was at the wedding - it aired on the 10 o'clock news that night. Hopefully I'll end up with a video to post!


Beth wanted to throw snow in the air to "pretend" it was snowing...can anyone guess what happened next? :c)


We warmed up with a lot of dancing and fun at the reception!


See more here. You will need a password from Beth and Aaron to view the photos!

Gobble gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day full of food, family and thanks. Everyone has something to be thankful for!

And now, a story (that most of you who might see this have probably already heard, but I still love it!)...at school, we made a turkey craft with things we were thankful for written on the feathers. One of my adorable first graders said..."I'm thankful for being able to talk, because some kids can't talk."

What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Help me pick a new logo font!

I'm looking to (possibly) change my logo font. I've found a few that I like, although my husband, Paul, doesn't think I should change at all. What do you think?? (click to view each logo bigger) This poll doesn't seem to work in Firefox, sorry!

UPDATED: We've narrowed it down to the top three! Help me choose from these three - thanks for your help everyone!

Willenbring Family with a new addition!

Last fall, I met up with Jessi, Joe & James to take some family portraits. We had a lot of fun, so I was excited when Jessi called to schedule a session again this fall. This time, though, there was a new addition - baby John! John is only a few weeks old and did great for his photos! James enjoyed being able to play and was awfully cute for so many pictures!

We started out with a few of just John...

John 1

John 2

...and some of just James.

James 1

James 2

Together, they're SO cute!

James & John

Mommy & Baby pictures are always great.

Mom & Baby

And the whole family, of course!

John 1

Happy Birthday Brooklynn!

Another case of it seems like just yesterday... I can't believe it's been a year since Brooklynn was just a little newborn!  She's getting so big & she's adorable.  (She still needs to grow some hair though... :c) )  Travis & Andrea made an evening of photos on Sunday and had a great time playing in the sand, on the grass, even on the playground.

Happy Birthday Brooklynn!  From Kendra - the one with the big black box with the fun buttons!

Brown dress

Supporting the "home" team!


Star & Wagon

I hear Brooklynn's walking alone now! Just a little too late for our pics!

The bridge

Brooklynn was definitely ready to be done now - until she got a banana!



Nicole & Jake are Married!

I've known Nicole for a long time & I was so excited when she asked me to be her wedding photographer!  I hadn't met her fiancĂ©, Jake, but when we got together to take their engagement portraits, it felt like we'd all been friends forever!

Nicole and Jake had a gorgeous ceremony at Our Lady of Lourdes in Dobie, WI.  What a beautiful church!  Lots of great place for portraits!  :c)  I enjoyed taking some time to read the history & learn about the church.

The reception followed at The Enchanted Barn in Hillsdale, WI.  Another picturesque setting.  Nicole spent the day hoping for no rain and, while the weather cooperated for most of the day, the sky opened and rained just enough to shower good luck on Nicole & Jake's marriage.  (haven't you heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck?)

Here are a few of my favorite photos so far! 

Getting Ready

The Ceremony



*Please note: Nicole & Jake's complete galleries will be online by 8/20.  You will need to obtain the password from them in order to view their photos.

Sneak Peek: Michael & Claire Got Married!

Last Saturday, I had the privilege to take photos at my friend Claire's wedding to Michael. I spent some time Claire's parents' house documenting the process of becoming a bride. Next we transitioned to the amazing ceremony at Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, MN. It was gorgeous! The reception was held at Café Lurcat, also in Minneapolis. Again, a beautiful venue, great food, and exciting music made for a wonderful reception. Everything was perfect - other than the storm that threatened to send the entire party to the basement! :c)

Michael and Claire - thank you so much for letting us be a part of your big day. We had a great time and everything really was perfect. I hope you're having a wonderful time in Maui! (I'll be waiting to see your pictures!)

Getting Ready

The Ceremony

We didn't take many formals, but I love the ones we got!

The Couple & Wedding Party

The kids were waiting for the happy couple - and they arrived in style!

Starting the Reception

I met Claire through my job as a speech-language pathologist in St. Paul Public Schools. One of the things I love about her is her passion for her job as an early childhood special education teacher, and particularly around autism. Instead of favors, Claire and Michael made a donation to the Autism Society of Minnesota. What a great idea!

First Dance

Congratulations, Michael and Claire!!

*In order to access these galleries, you will need to ask Claire or Michael for the password.

Wow, I feel old...

Last week, I had the opportunity to take my brother, Nick's senior portraits. Wait...senior?! I can't believe how old Nick has gotten. I mean, I know that's how time works but I remember when he was just a little baby - he can't be a senior already!!

Even though I feel like it isn't possible, Nick really is a senior, and I had a lot of fun taking his senior pictures. We started at the UW-River Falls campus and continued on to Glen Park. Nick had some great ideas and he even was willing to get in the water!

On Campus

On Campus

At the Park

Packers vs. Vikings

The Waterfall

See more soon in Nick's gallery!

Sneek Peek: Andrew & Bethany are Married!

On June 5th, we were lucky enough to photograph the wedding of great friends - Andrew and Bethany.  Our relationships have followed eerily similar paths, five years apart.  :c)  You may remember way back in October, when we all took a trip up to Interstate State Park and Cascade Falls to take engagement portraits.  It's hard to believe, but their wedding was even more beautiful!  Their ceremony took place at West Immanuel Lutheran Church in Osceola, WI and their reception was at R&D Catering and Banquet Hall in New Richmond, WI.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your big day, Andrew & Bethany!  Everything was beautiful, despite the rain.  We're honored to share an anniversary with you!

Andrew & Bethany opted to do a first look - taking the time to privately see each other before the ceremony.  That way, we were able to take all the formal portraits before the ceremony, allowing Andrew and Bethany to spend the time after the ceremony with guests.  I love that so many of my brides choose to make this a romantic, intimate part of their day.

First Look & Ceremony

The Reception


Sneak Peek: Chris & Karen are Engaged!

I kept looking out the window, waiting for the rain to stop.  It seemed to be letting up... could the clouds go away too?  By the time the school (work) day at finished, the sun was out!  I headed out to meet Chris & Karen at Harriet Island in St. Paul, MN.  What a gorgeous location for portraits!  With a great view of the city, beautiful buildings, and natural options too, it was the best of everything!

It was great to get to know you, Chris & get to know you better, Karen!  Thanks for letting me take your engagement portraits - you guys made it easy!  :c)

A duck


The City

More will be coming to your gallery soon!

Sneak Peek: Louis, Krista & Siri

And the end of May, I headed out to do a location photo shoot for Louis, Krista & Siri. We had a lot of fun around the house & at the park - and made it back just before the rain started! (and boy, did it pour!) Siri did a great job...well, so did Krista & Louis, but mostly Siri. :c)

Thanks for letting me come take some photos for you - it was great to see you again, Krista & meet your family!

Just a few that I've edited so far...

A flower for Daddy

Up in the Air!

So serious