Knudsen Family {Family Portraits :: Hudson, WI}

Early this winter, Annette contacted me because she wanted to do winter portraits. (Yay! I L.O.V.E. winter portraits!) Unfortunately, this winter was exceptionally cold so it took a while to get them scheduled. We were able to do Annette & her family's portraits in mid-March and there was still plenty of snow - up to my knees in some places! It was a little colder than we anticipated, but we had lots of fun!

Kids & Dogs
M & J
A & B
Metal wall
Close Family
A & B 2
A & B Laugh

Thanks for a fun, but cold day! See more!

{Shoot 52! :: Week 14}

I'm going to keep posting about spring until it's actually here!  Last week I took a W-A-L-K with my mom, dad & brothers and took some photos of my mom's dog (photos to be posted soon).  It was a gorgeous day and the snow was definitely starting to melt!

A few days later, we got 6 inches of snow or so, but most of that has melted by now too.  ;)
Lake George

Definitely spring! {Shoot 52! :: Week 13}

Spring=grilling in our household!  My husband, Paul, insisted on getting the grill out last week even though there were snow flurries.
Unfortunately, this is what it looked like just a couple days later...
Snow on grill
Ugh!  Now that it's April, you'd think it would really be spring...but we're supposed to get a bunch of snow on Friday!