Shoot 52! {52 Week Project}

At the end of December, my husband and I talked about things we wanted to focus on for 2014.  Not really resolutions, but areas we knew we needed to work on.  Once we'd discussed this for our personal lives, I decided that I should try to make some plans for photography as well.

Now, I haven't set goals for the year professionally yet - or really eve thought about it - but I did decide to document the year through a 52 Week project. I will take and post a picture each week (or as close to each week as I can!). I anticipate that there will be a good number of pictures of my dog, Oliver, because, well, my life is not that interesting and I don't have kids.  :) Really though, I thought about shooting for a theme each week, but decided it would be more fun just to shoot life.

This is a participatory project! (I'm not sure that's really a word) Once I've posted my picture, you're invited to send me your pictures of a similar subject & I will choose some to feature on my blog the following week. Exciting, I know.  :)

For my first week (1/1/2014-1/4/2014), I'll begin with a picture of my dog - big surprise!  Oliver got a blanket for Christmas, and he loves it!  On the frigid days we had this week, he was sleeping comfortably.


For week number 2 (1/5/2014-1/11/2014), I was wondering what I was going to shoot while driving to work when I saw this gorgeous sunrise.  What a wonderful start to my day!


If you have a recent photo of your pet or of a magnificent sunrise, send it to me at with your name. Maybe it will be featured on my next Shoot 52! blog post!

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