Sneak Peek: Liz & Andy e-Pics

We've had some amazing fall colors here in Wisconsin this year - the best they've been in a while. Although the weather feels more like summer right now, it's so pretty that I'm using any excuse I can to spend some time outside!

Last weekend, we took a drive to a state park to take engagement pictures for Liz and Andy. We had a great time walking through the park with frequent photo stops. It was much busier than I'd expected - possibly because it was an extremely nice day! You might recognize the park...we may have had a slight "run-in" with the "law" so I'm not linking to the park's page this time around. :)  (apparently, you need a permit to take paid portraits on state land...)

Liz and Andy - I hope you had a great time with us at the park! We certainly had a fun day! I can't wait for your wedding this December... I just know it'll be beautiful & snowy (but just enough snow, not too much)! :)

Here are some of my favorites!



Zoom lens




See more - coming soon!

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