River Falls Senior: Shane

In December, I photographed an awesome outdoor wedding in a blizzard. Recently, this family contacted me again - this time about senior photos for one of their other children. We scheduled our session quite a while back and everyone was excited to get together. Well, everyone except Shane. :) Actually, we started at his home then did some indoor studio portraits and continued on to Glen Park and the high school to grab our last shots. As you can imagine, this was a long process, and he did great! We planned it out so well, we even managed to get home before the Packer game started!

Here are a few of my favorites from the afternoon.



Glen Park




See more - coming soon!


Anonymous said...

You did such a great job!!!

Kendra said...

Thanks Beth! We had fun - I'm pretty sure he agreed that, out of all of the photo shoots he's ever had, this was the best one! :)