Sitting on the Hard Drive

Ah, the good ol' days... does anyone remember back in the day? (which, coincidentally, was a Wednesday -thank you Dane Cook) Back when there were these weird canisters and you had to put them inside your camera? And the back of your camera was empty...and you couldn't even see your pictures right away! You had to drop the film off at the store and go back later to pick up prints. Wow, that was a long time ago...

Now everyone has a digital camera. In some ways, it's great. But where do our photos end up now? Precious memories, locked away on a hard drive. Seriously, how often do you print photos? And of the ones you print, how many do you proudly display for your visitors' (and your own) pleasure? I walk through my house and I can't believe how many of my walls are empty. We finally ordered a special one from our last cruise and I can't help but stare at it whenever I'm in the room. What were we thinking, leaving that wall "blank"??

There are so many options! You can get regular old 4x6 prints...great for looking at & sharing, not so great for displaying. I love big prints. Big, beautiful, leave-you-breathless. Even an 8x10 looks great framed on the wall - with or without a mat. (I apologize for the quality of these snapshots!)

Framed no mat

Frame with mat

My print lab, Bay Photo, also offers some really cool options. One is MetalPrints - a print that is actually printed directly on metal! Not only do they look really neat, you can also put them outside because they're weatherproof.

Metal Print 1

Metal Print 2

Now, the SPECIAL print we got...also from Bay Photo, but a ThinWrap. This photo is printed on canvas (which is also offered rolled or on a regular wooden frame) and wrapped around a thin frame. We have it on mounting blocks so it stands out a bit from the wall. I love it!

Thin Wrap 1

Thin Wrap 2

So really...I urge you to print your pictures. Put them up on the wall. Print them at home. Take them to Target or Walgreens. Whatever it takes - show off your memories!

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