Hudson Hot Air Affair PLUS!

Why hello again! Instead of making a few different posts with a bunch of pictures from a few different things, I'm going to make one post with one picture from each thing. You get the job of heading over to my K. Krasin Photo site to actually see more photos!

First up...
The Hudson Hot Air Affair! (this one gets two)

Field of Fire
It was too windy on Saturday night to do the "Moonglow," so they left the balloons behind and had a "Field of Fire"

Take off
The next morning, we headed out to the mass ascension. It was tons of fun to watch the balloons get set up & take flight!

My brother and his fiancee, Malia, are expecting a baby boy in May. Last weekend, my mom and I headed to Mondovi for her baby shower. Everything was beautiful (including Malia, even though I doubt she'd agree!) and it was a lot of fun.

Malia and the cake
Not the best picture, but one of Malia with her cake.

The next day, I was really itching to take some pictures, so Paul and I headed out to Como Zoo & Conservatory for about 45 minutes.

Purple flowers
This was one of my favorite conservatory photos. Some of the others are better, but I love the purple & the pattern of this one. It makes a great desktop background!

Tomorrow... I'll let you in on the "big" news!

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