Burling Family {Hudson, WI Family Portraits}

This was one much-anticipated portrait session! Our first scheduled evening turned out to be stormy...so we rescheduled. The next scheduled session was a hot and steamy day - not ideal for photos. Reschedule! The day before our next session, Grant got bit by a bug on his face and had a major reaction. You should have seen the pics!

Luckily, we successfully rescheduled one last time - and boy was it gorgeous! We had a longer-than-expected walk to the falls at Willow River State Park because it was busy, but even the walk was beautiful. It was so much fun to visit the same location where Jake & Nicole had their engagement portraits, now with their family!

Bridge Waterfall
The Kids
The Kids 2
In the sun
From a distance
By the bridge
And just for fun - through the years!
Through the years collage
See more - coming soon!

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