Burling Family {Cumberland, WI Family Portraits}

As I started to think about writing this blog, the only thing I could think of to say was "I love this family." As I put each little collage together, my caption thoughts were the same.

I've had the honor to document Nicole & Jake's family for what feels like forever! Engagement, wedding, first baby, second baby...and every time is so much fun! Every year, I marvel at how much bigger the kids have gotten, have a ball playing with them, spend an hour or two chatting with great friends - oh and take some pictures too! :)

Nicole & Jake - I'm seriously so honored that you've trusted me to document your family for the last...what, 6 years?! I love getting to see all of you every year and, really, I love your gorgeous family. Hopefully you've enjoyed the time as much as I have...as well as the outcome!

  Family wood pile and dock
Taking a walk
Family in grass
Sometimes kids just like to play!
Playing kids
Not gonna lie...some of the pics are on here just because they're real, cute, and a little funny.
Family backlit
Family hyndrangea bush
Mom & Dad
Family by old chest
Kids on chest
He was slightly enthralled with this chest...not sure where he may have gotten that from... ;)
He's 2!
She's growing up
See more - coming soon!

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