Mudra Family {Minneapolis, MN Red Thread Session}

"We'll be the ones with the cutest baby ever and the biggest smiles in the world!!!"

That was definitely an accurate statement and by far the easiest way for me to find Mike, Lisa, and their family.

I was recently approved to become a volunteer photographer for Red Thread Sessions, an organization founded to celebrate the beauty of adoption. (more to come about the organization & why I chose this one in another post!)

I was so excited to be contacted by Lisa for my first session through Red Thread and didn't have long to wait to meet her! Adoption is close to Mike & Lisa's hearts as Lisa was adopted as an infant - and, as we learned, so was their judge! After taking placement of their son, Milo, at just a day old, they were excited to be "official."

We met at the Hennepin County Courthouse to take some portraits before their finalization hearing and I was fortunate enough to be a part of their hearing as I took candids throughout.

Congratulations Mike, Lisa and Milo! I'm so excited for you to continue building your lives together!
  FamilyJustice Center Closer Kiss
This family has so much support! Support Backs 
This was one of the "funnest" hearings I've been to in a while - what a wonderful judge!
Judge Entering Emotions Official
Judge Norris told us that he has pictures with each of the families and weddings he has been involved in - it's a big gallery, but so cool!
iPad Pictures With the judge Everyone
See more - coming soon!

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