Ruby + Family {St. Paul, MN Family Portraits}

Last January, I posted about a portrait session with my friend Ruby and her family. We were able to schedule another photo shoot this summer - we wanted to get some outdoor portraits when it wasn't freezing! - but life always seems to get in the way. We picked a weekend but a couple days before we planned to meet, Ruby called to tell me that her daughter had her baby early!

We had a small window of time when the whole family was around, so we decided to go ahead with the session...with some limitations. This was the first photo shoot I'd done in a hospital & with a nurse present. :) It was still tons of fun & it was nice to see everyone (and meet a couple new faces) again!

Everyone Window
Baby E
Big Sister
Girls Stairs
Family Stairs
New Family
New Family 2

Congratulations to all of you! See more of Ruby and her family in their gallery!

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