Catching Up, Part 2 {Shoot 52! :: Weeks 15-25}

Summer is here! When it hasn't been raining here in western Wisconsin, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous! Today is a "catching up" day - I posted a bunch of photos from this spring on Facebook and I'm going to get through the last 10 weeks (with some doubles) of my Shoot 52! project.

My mom got a new puppy, Finn. He's much bigger now!

My husband, Paul, had a drummer from Uganda, Sam, come work with his music classes at school.

Spring fishing on the Mississippi is great - but can be a little cold!

We went to Mall of America with my niece, Adley & my mom's boyfriend's grandson, Dylan
Sea Life Aquarium

We also saw Sam at a gallery opening.

Details might be my favorite parts of weddings...

We took a Como Zoo trip with pretty much the whole family!
Tiger Smile

I love handmade (easy!) gifts from students. This is from a preschooler.

Sleepy Oliver! (I think I'm doing pretty well with not posting too many pictures of him...)
Oliver sleep

We knew summer was really here when we were out in the boat on the evening of Paul's last day of work for the school year. Aaaah. :)

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