Strusz Family - Take #1

I met Stefanie through work last year.  When she left on maternity leave, I subtly hinted that maybe she would want some newborn or family portraits sometime.  When she came back for the last couple days of the year, I hinted some more.  :c)

I headed over to Jon and Stefanie's house & set up my "portable studio" amid lots of questions about what everything is and what we would be doing about it.  Eli is 3 years old and so so smart!  He did a great job helping me out.  Sawyer is 3 months old - both boys did great for pictures and we'll be getting together to do some on-location shots this fall.  I can't wait!



When Sawyer was ready to be done with pictures, Eli rubbed his feet to help him calm down...ADORABLE!

Eli & Sawyer

I had a great time meeting Jon, Eli, & Sawyer (sorry Stefanie, I already knew you!) and I'm so excited to have a chance to come back for Take #2! Want to see more?

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