Riley & Bella: Pet Portraits

I've spent the spring waiting and waiting for the sun to come out and the plants to turn green.  It's seemed like the end of winter has taken forever and, even once "winter" was gone, all it did was rain and get cold again!

Finally, in mid-May, it started to get nice out and we knew we needed to take advantage of the window!  (you never know when winter will be back in WI... :c) )  I headed out to get some fun portraits of Riley and Bella.

Now, I haven't really taken true portraits of pets before, other than for my parents or my in-laws...but it was so much fun!  It was a challenge to get Riley & Bella to sit together, but they did wonderfully!

We tired Bella out right away, but she's awfully cute with her tongue out too!


Riley was so easy to take pictures of


A couple "candids" (although I think that's all you can really get of dogs...)

Bella running

Riley oversees

They even sat together for a couple!

Riley & Bella

Pet portraits might have to be something I do more often.  :c)  See more here.

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