Happy Birthday Brooklynn!

Another case of it seems like just yesterday... I can't believe it's been a year since Brooklynn was just a little newborn!  She's getting so big & she's adorable.  (She still needs to grow some hair though... :c) )  Travis & Andrea made an evening of photos on Sunday and had a great time playing in the sand, on the grass, even on the playground.

Happy Birthday Brooklynn!  From Kendra - the one with the big black box with the fun buttons!

Brown dress

Supporting the "home" team!


Star & Wagon

I hear Brooklynn's walking alone now! Just a little too late for our pics!

The bridge

Brooklynn was definitely ready to be done now - until she got a banana!




Anonymous said...

Kendra you have captured the true "Brooklynn" personality. Phyllis

Kendra said...

Thanks Phyllis! It was a lot of fun & she did great for such a long photo session! :c)

Deb said...

Thank you, Kendra... you have so much talent! I appreciate your willingness to help visually document how far Brooklynn has come! I can't wait to get more than "a sneak peek!" (Oma-Andrea's Mom)