Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hudson Hot Air Affair!

A couple weeks ago was a busy weekend... February 6th - my grandpa's birthday and the Hudson Hot Air Affair! We kept an eye on the Hot Air Affair's facebook page and decided to try to go to the launch on Saturday morning. When we got there, we quickly realized they weren't going to launch. Disappointing, but we figured we'd just try again at 3:00.

Three pm came around, and it didn't seem to be much better - still cloudy and quite a bit of wind. Surprisingly, they still launched! It was such a cool sight! One by one, the balloons were laid out and inflated, and then the balloons took off. We found out later that one of our friends was in a balloon & we had pictures of him!

Getting the balloon inflated

The first balloon takes off

This balloon looked like it was going to run into the one in front of it!


All the balloons

All the balloons

Later that night, we headed back to the launch field to see either the Field of Fire or Moonglow. Luckily, it was calm enough to put the balloons up and we had the opportunity to see the Moonglow. Again, an amazing sight!



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