Dead of Winter

Winter is a notoriously slow time for photography. Everything is either brown & dead or covered in ice or snow. And in Wisconsin, winter is COLD! Every once in a while though, winter can be absolutely gorgeous, as evidenced by my recent photo hike through Glen Park in River Falls.

Overall snowy views

There was so much "black and white" that the little splashes of color had a real impact.

Frozen waterfall and building

It was so much easier to get to the waterfall than it is in the spring and summer - just walk across the ice!

More of the waterfall

The ducks wanted to be as far away from me as possible! (too bad I wanted to get pictures, so I kept sneaking closer)

Details & duck

The plants and trees were covered in beautiful frost!

Frosty trees and plants

With all of this gorgeous scenery as a backdrop, what reason could anyone have not to want to schedule a portrait session in the winter in Wisconsin??

Wet and snowy pants

Two reasons:
1) It's COLD!
2) You may end up like me - wet & covered in snow! (if you don't, I will :c) )

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